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The eighteen-line hollywood actress, who grew up in a slum, had half a black pedigree, was older, divorced, and took big-scale sexy photos and tv shows, has been reviled by the british.


At the end of last year, Prince Harry and Meghan were verbally attacked by British netizens for missing the royal Christmas party and taking the little prince and Meghan's mother, Doria, to celebrate Christmas together on a private island in Vancouver.


Less than a month later, on january 8th, cnn reported that prince harry and princess megan would no longer be senior members of the royal family, no longer participate in the royal rotating system from 2020, and they would take turns living in britain and north america and pursue \"economic independence \".


The BBC understands they had not consulted with other royals, including the Queen or Prince William, prior to the statement, while Buckingham Palace later issued a statement saying it was \"disappointed \".


Last year, when Meghan gave birth to Prince Archie, the couple didn't announce his title, and took his full name with the royal family's legal name, Mountbatten-W Windsor, indicating that Archie didn't receive any royal title, and the couple said they wanted Archie to grow up as a private citizen.


As they said in their statement to the public via Twitter, Instagram, the decision was reflected on for months,\" which allows us to raise our children while adhering to the tradition of the royal family and give us more family space.\"


But the public reaction to the incident was intense, with the famous poison-tongued host, journalist Piers Morgan, even publicly condemning Meghan as \"undermining the relationship between Harry and his brother and the entire royal family.\"


As an americans who like to \"pursue freedom \", megan's marriage to the british royal family is undoubtedly to put himself in a magnificent cage, inevitably\" water and earth \", the declaration of withdrawal, may be a way to \"break the shackles \", but also really violated the british people's bottom line.


The Royal Fund is believed to give Prince Harry's husband and wife £5.5m a year, no more royal membership means they can't get the money, but they also say it's actually enough for their public service costs, so it's not a problem.


In addition, the British government allocates about £82m a year to the British royal family, and the Queen distributes about £5m a year to Prince William and Harry, but Prince William should get more, so Prince Harry should be divided into £2m.


Another source of income for Prince Harry is his father's rent in the £1.2bn dutch estate in Cornwall, from which Prince Charles paid him £4.9m last year to support his day-to-day expenses.


It's worth noting that some time ago, the couple had just spent more than £2.4m on taxpayers "money to renovate the house, which also caused a strong public outcry.


In addition to the property, Prince Harry's net worth is around £30m: he inherited more than £20m from his late mother, Princess Diana, and about £7m from his great-grandmother, who deposited the money into a trust fund.


In addition, last year Prince Harry and Meghan, in the name of the Sussex Royal, registered a number of trademarks, including books, clothing and so on, seemingly intended to develop a business kingdom and support themselves.


But even giving up his royal status, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are listed as internationally protected and therefore will remain permanently protected by six London police officers, including overtime, who earn an estimated annual salary of more than £100,000.


The day was followed by an official statement from Buckingham Palace:\" Discussions with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are still in their early stages. We understand that they want to take a different approach, but these are complex issues that will take some time to resolve.