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Editor's note: today's Lesser Cold is the twenty-third solar term of 24 solar terms a year. Lesser Cold means that the weather is already very cold, so there is a folk saying:\" Lesser Cold Greater Cold, cold into ice mass \". The characteristics of Lesser Cold is that the weather gradually cold, but the midwinter \"39\" is basically in this solar term, so there is a \"Lesser Cold over Greater Cold\" theory. The cold has been packed to, how to resist the cold after a warm winter? Follow the people's health network to learn a trick.


Dr. Dou Danbo, chief physician of the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment center of Shuguang Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of traditional Chinese Medicine, suggested that Xiaohan solar term drink chestnut pork waist soup of Eucommia ulmoides. Pig waist two, half cut open, remove white tendons, soak in the water for 1 hour, remove the smell, take about a dozen chestnuts, cooked peeling reserve, the eucommia also wash and set aside. Add proper amount of water in the pan (preferably with a casserole), boil, put in all the ingredients, use medium heat to cook for 3 hours, add proper amount of salt. Eucommia ulmoides, chestnuts, and pork loin are all good tonics, suitable for filling in the cold winter.


If you don't like soup, make yourself some porridge. Pumpkin, yam are warm food, often drink to supplement the body, to resist the invasion of cold. Besides, pumpkin is sweet, yam juice is sticky, add rice to make porridge together, also eat very sweet and delicious. If you have time, you can add some red beans, oatmeal, dates, lotus seeds to boil together.


Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, carotene, vitamins and a variety of nutrients such as potassium and magnesium. When it's cold, drinking a freshly potted bowl of sweet potato porridge or eating a hot roasted sweet potato can help fight the cold.


Beef: zinc is very important in the diet, it can promote the growth of white blood cells, and then help the human body to prevent viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances. Even mild zinc deficiency increases the risk of infectious diseases. Beef is an important source of zinc supplements, so it is hardy and prevents flu in winter.


Carrot: Carrots can increase cold resistance. The cold climate causes the human body vitamin metabolism to have the obvious change. Increased intake of vitamin A and vitamin C can enhance cold tolerance and adaptability to cold, and have a good protective effect on blood vessels. Carrots contain a variety of carotene, vitamins and trace elements, so they are called \"civilian ginseng.\" During the dry season, eat some carrots and have the effect of moisturizing the skin.


Mutton: mutton is a common dish on the winter table. It is suitable for supplement in the small cold solar term. The mutton belongs to the heat, has the function of tonifying the kidney and helping the yang, and the mutton can relieve the symptoms of sore waist and knee. In the cold winter, eating a meal of mutton is undoubtedly a great pleasure.


Quail meat: quail meat has the function of replenishing the five viscera, clearing away heat and dampness, promoting water and reducing swelling. Quail meat is very suitable for the elderly and weak patients to eat, but also to assist in the treatment of anemia, diabetes, neurasthenia, nephritis edema, tuberculosis and other diseases. As the saying goes, medicine is better than food. In winter, it is a great pleasure to be able to choose food that is both delicious and rewarding.


Tomatoes: Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and lycopene. Lycopene can antioxidant, protect low density lipoprotein from oxidative damage, thereby lowering blood lipids and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Jujube: Jujube, also known as jujube, is a very common medicinal materials, modern people even use it as food materials, its taste sweet and warm, tonifying spleen and stomach, Yiqi Shengjin, nourishing blood tranquilizing, regulating nutrition and soothing the efficacy of medicine, due to blood deficiency caused by facial yellow muscle thin, dizziness, or due to deficiency of qi, spleen and stomach weakness caused by physical fatigue and burnout are helpful. People's Health Network Integrated from Guangzhou Daily, Health Times, Beijing Youth Daily.


See hypertension is how step by step damage to the heart of the five ways to lower blood pressure arterial pressure is too high, the resistance to cardiac blood excretion will increase, over time will gradually cause hypertrophy of the ventricular wall. Later, its exercise will become dull, inflexible, uncoordinated, to the heart pump blood function, severe may be due to the heart diastolic ability to lead to heart failure.


Stop hiccups, prevent old age, relieve waist pain these tips have big use to save bamboo to stop hiccups. Zanzhu point in the face, eyebrow inside the brow depression. Take the sitting position, hands on the table, hands thumb food finger pointed up, bow closed eyes, hard to save bamboo hole, because the fingertips force small, local will easily have a feeling of acid expansion. Hold on for 10 seconds each time, can gently relax, repeatedly pinch at least 5 times.


Winter hot water foot bubble has four major benefits, but these five categories of people need to be careful foot bubble is a health care method of traditional Chinese medicine, with the ability to speed up blood circulation, stimulate acupoints, relieve cold, but also improve human immunity, help resist various diseases.